Terms and Conditions

These Common Questions/Answers and Terms and Conditions are here as a guide so that everyone knows where they are and there is no confusion.

  • Upon booking you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions
  • We  aim to be at event 2 hours before serving
  • A £100 deposit is required to secure your date. In the event of a cancellation this is not refundable or transferable..
  • Once final payment is made this is non refundable.
  • At time of booking it is likely that the number of people attending will be discussed. Clearly if there is a change of numbers the price will change and a set up fee could be imposed.
  • We will contact you two / three weeks before date of event to finalise numbers,menu etc.
  • One week before date of event we will send you an invoice. We need cleared funds before date of event
  • If we are asked to Cater for 100 people then that is how many people we cater for(100 portions).Thus if there is 100 people and 20 people come up three times then there will not be enough food for all.Clearly once everyone is served people are welcome to come up for seconds.
  • We are happy to leave behind any food remaining it is the clients responsibility to ensure food is kept to correct/safe temperature after we have left.
  • Once everyone is served we will pack up and go.
  • We will remain at event a maximum of 2 hours after the agreed serving time (unless otherwise discussed )