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Big Pan Catering

New in 2019 here are our Big Pan Options.

These have for the last two years been tested before release.

These are ideal as an add on to a Hog Roast or BBQ or we can do a varaity of options solely for an event

Options are:

Chilly and Rice

Chicken Curry and Rice

Pulled Pork in a roll

Sausages and Mash

Faggots and Mash

Meat Balls and Macaroni Cheese

Chicken Meat Balls and Macaroni Cheese

Salmon Fillets

Hunters Chicken

Spanish Chick Pea Hot Pot (a good vegetarian option)

These are priced in the region of £7.00 per head. We need to discuss to firm up a price. Clearly if this is an add-on to say a Hog Roast it will probably be in the region of £5.00 a head.

Please contact us to discuss